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The PCCA maintains a clubhouse in Brewer for use by our members and guests as well as the PCCA Wildlife Management Area in Stetson.

Brewer Clubhouse

Our beautiful clubhouse facility is located in Brewer on the Penobscot River and is available for rental to club members. For more information, please contact PCCA Rentals at [email protected].

Fishing Regulations for LaVasseur Pond in Brewer:

According to Maine Open Water and Ice Fishing Regulations, LaVasseur Pond (Penobscot County Conservation Association Pond. Brewer S-11).

The pond is open to fishing for persons under 16 years of age. Restricted to two lines per person. Daily bag limit on trout: 2 fish. (for the most up to date regulations please check with Maine Department of Inlands Fisheries and Wildlife.

PCCA Wildlife Management Area

The PCCA purchased 300 acres in the town of Stetson as the first step in the development of the PCCA Wildlife Management  Area. The club added to this property over the next five years until it now owns about 1300 acres.

PCCA Wildlife Management Area Land Use Policies


  • State law is that ATV riders must have landowner permission to ride on the land of another person.
  • Paid club members have “landowner” permission and are required to follow the club rules:
  • ATVs are allowed on all roads open to motor vehicle traffic and secondary roads and trails that may not be suited to larger vehicles. Responsible ATV use on these roads and trails can prevent roads from becoming overgrown.
  • During hunting seasons, ATV users should try to minimize interference with other hunters in the area and reduce traffic volume during November mud season when repeated use can create ruts and mud holes. ATVs can be used for accessing hunting stands or hunting areas. No hunting from ATVs.
  • ATVs can be used off trail only for necessary club work projects or to retrieve downed big game.
  • The club should create, maintain, and map ATV trails that would give reasonable access to most areas of the property. If trails become too rough or create erosion, they can be relocated.If the club allows a sanctioned ATV trail across our land, the public would be allowed to ride on the trail if there is a signed trail agreement with a state approved club.
  • The Bunker Road runs through the PCCA land and is regularly used by ATVs and is a designated snowmobile trail.

PCCA Hunting Policy

The PCCA property in Stetson and Newport have been purchased, managed, and maintained for use by PCCA club members. PCCA is not a hunting club and people are discouraged from becoming members strictly to hunt on our land. However, responsible sportsmen who wish to participate in club meetings and projects, including land management, are welcome to apply for club membership.

All members hunting on the lands are expected to follow all state laws and follow ethical standards with respect for the game, landowner, and other users.

PCCA Hunting Stand Policy

Club members hunting on the lands may establish ground blinds and tree stands which follow state laws:

“It is unlawful to insert any metallic or ceramic object into a tree on another person’s land for the purpose of erecting a ladder or observation stand, unless you have permission from the landowner. You must obtain verbal or written permission of the landowner (or representative) to erect or use a portable or permanent ladder or observation stand, and the ladder or observation stand must be plainly labeled with a 2-inch by 4-inch tag with the names and addresses of everyone the landowner has authorized to use it.”

Stands which are not labelled or are left for several years without being used may be removed by club land managers.

PCCA Game and Trail Camera Policy

Only club members are allowed to place cameras on the land. All cameras must be labeled with the person’s name and contact information, according to state law. Cameras which are not labelled or are left for several years without being used may be removed by club land managers.

PCCA Camp Use Policy

PCCA owns a camp, accessed by the New Sweden Road, which is available to club members for day or overnight use.For use of camp details please contact landcommittee.

  • All tree stands and Game cameras must have permission from the land committee.
  • Location of any tree stands or game cameras must be given to the land committee.
  • Tree stands and Game cameras must be clearly labeled with name and address of user.

Any tree stand or Game camera placed without permission, location, or labeled, will be promptly removed by the Maine Warden Service.

Contact Land Committee at [email protected]

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