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Since its founding in 1928, the Penobscot County Conservation Association has worked to preserve our sporting heritage, to support wildlife conservation, and to promote sportsmanship for the common good.

The PCCA, as it has come to be known, continues to serve Penobscot County and has expanded its service far beyond the boundaries of the County. The influence of the club and its members is known Statewide and in many areas of our Country and Canada.

We invest in conservation by sponsoring scholarships at the University of Maine and Husson University. In 2010, we celebrated over 50 years of support to the University of Maine. We look forward to continuing our support of students working to become conservation professionals.

We advocate for sound wildlife management and participate at the state and local level to preserve our natural heritage.

1989: The Club purchased 300 acres in the southwestern corner of the Town of Stetson as the first step in the development of the PCCA Wildlife Management Area. The Club added to this property over the next five years until it now owns about 1300 acres.

High Praise From Our Members

Hear firsthand accounts from the passionate sportsmen and sportswomen
who make up our dedicated volunteer community from the local area.