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Children’s Ice Fishing Day

PCCA’s Annual Children’s Ice Fishing Day, is an annual event held every February, giving Children and Families the opportunity to spend a great day on the Ice. Free Fishing! ~ Catch one take it home! Children ~ from toddlers to Age 15 – Participate & Experience ice fishing. Pre-drilled holes and Pre-placed ice fishing traps on LeVasseur Pond at PCCA Property Brewer ME. Equipment and bait will be provided! Activities monitored, supervised & taught by experienced fishers, sportsmen & women. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult! Please dress warmly! Warm Beverages & snacks will be available for a donation in the Club House. … Continued

Annual Duck Box Days

PCCA’s Annual Duck Box Days are held twice a year, once in the winter, and once in the spring. Join PCCA members to assist with and learn about Duck Boxes!  How they are cleaned, maintained and much more.  Attendees will  meet in Stetson at the end of the New Sweden Road.  Bring a lunch, snacks, water and dress appropriately.  IF you have a snowsled or tote sled, you are welcome to and encouraged to bring it.  Depending on conditions, snowshoes or skis may be useful. A Canoe or Kayak in Spring, There will be a fire going at our camp, which is further in … Continued

High Praise From Our Members

Hear firsthand accounts from the passionate sportsmen and sportswomen
who make up our dedicated volunteer community from the local area.